Pete Moncrieff-Jury

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Demonstration by Pete Moncrieff-Jury.

  • Date: 01/02/2020 22:00
  • Location: Coombe Abbey, Brinklow Road, Binley, Coventry, UK (Map)
  • More Info: Visitors Center


Having learned to turn in the 60’s Pete still prefers to work with basic tools and equipment and, being a dedicated skinflint, this means often doing things in a way that is perhaps different to many turners with a minimum of specialised equipment or (safe) homemade tools.. The only rules he works to are, ‘Is it safe? and ‘turners don’t make mistakes they have design opportunities.’ Unless doing commissioned work there is never any guarantee that what he starts out making will actually end up as he planned as ideas can change as the piece takes shape. He works in collaboration with his wife Mo who does a lot of the decorative work, shares in design ideas and as quality control.