Axminster Christmas Demonstrationon 14th December

First up was

Peter Right

Peter opted to demonstrate how to make a Candle or a Tee-Light holder.

Below Peter had the form shaped out before I got down to him. here he is hollowing it out.

Ready for parting off.

Below its now parted off.

Glass insert for the Tee-Light is in place.

Finished Tee-Light holder

Tee-Light removed.

Now it's a Candle Holder. 

Above a small display of Peters other work.

Second Up Peter Carlos.

Peter opted to make a novelty Christmas Tree with a quire Boy in the middle.This type of turning is often referred to as reverse turning.

Below Peter shows the beginning and the end results.

One the wood is mounted Peter uses a template to mark the tree as a guide to turning.

Below the tree has been turned.

Below we have the blue Peter moment, after the tree is formed it's cut down the middle and glued as in the picture and left over night.

Now re-mounted between centres.

Peter starts turning the out side form.

Here is the finished tree.

Above tree without the Wire boy and below with.

After lunch Phil Steele showed us some dacoractios and a new pen case for an old Ball point.

Above and below a sample of Phil's decorations turned for fun.

Above Phil drills the pen blank the right length for the ball point he took from the plastic case.

Above the desired form is turned onto the drilled blank.

Above Phil shows off his Pen.

Blow Phil shows us how to form a Christmas Tree.

The finished tree.

Lastlee we had Giles Headley.

Giles will also do re-verse turning in the guise of a hanging novelty hollowed out globe.

Above Giles shows the finished item.

Above another blue Peter moment. the form has been formed then the wood is turned over and glued with a little extra tape just inches it comes un-stuck.

Now Giles turns the required form.

Its recommended that you stop the lathe regularly to see were you are its so easy too break through and destroy all your work.

Form almost done.

Be careful when sanding remember the hollow don't get your fingers in it. 

Above Giles shows off the finished item.